i thought this was the ladies' room
Given that you and I have not spoken in over a year and you suddenly decide that you want to be friends again:

Modes of communication I’m responsive to:

  • You sending me a genuine PM over Facebook, asking me how I’ve been and telling me how you’ve been, ending with the suggestion that we hang out sometime, perhaps with you suggesting a tentative date and allowing me to respond in kind. 

Modes of communication I’m not responsive to:

  • You randomly calling my home phone and demanding that I allow you to come to my house and take me who-knows-where right then and there with no question as to whether I’m free or as to how I’ve been in the last year, and then you making me feel guilty about the fact that I’m not responsive to this mode of communication.
  1. soaringrachel said: *hugs* that sounds awful :-( also lol I use that tag for conversations? b/c I need people to TALK TO ME
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