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here have a nonsensical gif spam

8th gif represents your sense of humor

16th gif represents your attitude towards the world

23rd gif represents your love life

13th gif represents your social life

30th gif represents your ideal life

1st gif represents your future.

10th gif represents your past

18th gif represents your present

35th gif represents your future partner

2nd gif is how the same sex sees you

27th gif is how the opposite sex sees you

15th gif is how you see yourself

20th gif is what your parents are like

26th gif is what your kids will be like

5th gif is what your neighbors will be like

11th gif is your last day on earth

9th gif is your sexual preference

3rd gif represents your emotions towards music

21st gif is your favorite tv show/movie

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You know what I love?


Last night at dinner this one baby just kept staring at me and laughing when I winked at him. I noticed his dad laughing when he realized what was going on, and the mom was just like “turn around baby” but the baby wouldn’t stop looking at me. It was fucking adorable.

In short, I love babies and babies love me. It’s one of the best parts about being me. XDD